We are an innovative company within the healthcare IT sector.

Viximeds business concept is to offer innovative IT systems for health care providers that simplifies and streamlines the work with medical images and sound, radiation dose data and patient contacts.

Our products will let you improve efficiency and patient flow

Our products will let you improve efficiency and patient flow. Utilizing resources maximally and make expertise avaliable between units.

One example is VIEWMED to easily communicate and document medical images, video and audio during surgical procedure.

Another example is the dose registration system DOSESTAT. The solution enables large time and quality gains for healthcare and reduces the risk of patients being exposed to unnecessarily high radiation doses in connection with X-ray examinations.


Since all patient data today is electronic, there are very high demands on patient safety...


MEDXPLORER® let you record all medical videos on the local network in the...


DOSESTAT® helps collecting study related data as dose, performed procedure, scan...


A reliable partner with good experience of projects and installations.

Viximed AB is grown out of the University Hospital of Uppsala where we have put a lot of our innovations to use.

Viximed was founded 2010 by medical engineers with very great experience of X-ray equipment, picture and archiving systems (PACS), radiology informations systems (RIS) and all other equipment inside Hospital walls.

Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more



We have great knowledge and understanding of the challenges that exist in a modern hospital today



Our products promote and simplify collaboration between different groups in healthcare



We contribute to a healthier and safer society

Satisfactory solutions

Satisfactory solutions

We always put the customer first

One distributor

One distributor

We develop our products ourselves, which means that modifications can be made easily and quickly


What do our customers think about us?

“We needed a user-friendly system for converting and storing digital images to our DICOM archive attached to patients. Thanks to that MIMA™ is a web-based DICOMISING tool we can now do this anywhere in the county, which is of great benefit to our business.”

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