• Viximeds business concept is to offer innovative
    IT systems for health care providers that simplifies and
    streamlines the work with medical images and sound,
    radiation dose data and patient contacts.
  • Viximeds mission is to give healthcare providers the
    conditions to deliver an innovative treatment that ultimately
    enhances people’s health and quality of life.
  • Viximeds values are based on innovation,
    reliability, integrity and honesty.

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Viximed wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

After a very different year with the pandemic, limitations in socializing and living, we all need these holidays together with the closest family. Viximed wish all our customers, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Hold out, keep distance and stay well.
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Viximed work during Covid-19 pandemic

Viximed has decided to work from home remotely as much as possible to minimize the risk of getting infected, and spread the virus around. Meetings and education is therefore held using our collaboration platform. You can reach us by phone, mail or customer portal as usual. Above is until further notice. We hope our customers […]
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VIXIMED exhibits at Röntgenveckan 2019 in Jönköping on 17-20 September.

Welcome to our stand 319 where we will show some of our + 20 innovative products such as DOSESTAT®, MEDXPLORER®, DOSESTAT-QC®, VIEWMED™, VIXIMED-Heatmap™ etc. Also participate in our quiz that is organized every day and have the opportunity to win workout clothes.
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Sneak peak at upcoming VIEWMED 5.0 and VIEWMEDPORTAL REC

A release with many updates and new functionality we have seen wanted the last couple of years implemented into one solid product – VIEWMED 5.0 VIEWMED 5.0 (N=New feature, B=Bugfix) N=Language file support  (SE and EN included) N=Snapshots during video recording end up as clickable “bookmarks” when video is opened in videoedit-mode N=Snapshots made from recorded […]
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Kirurgveckan in rearmirror

    A BIG congratulation to Stella who was the winner of the R2D2-quiz with all questions correct.
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SAMTIT in rearmirror

The interest was big for the showcased products VIEWMED and MEDXPLORER. Åke and Mats had a full time discussing features with interested visitors. We congratulate Stina to be the winner of the quiz-competition and hope she will enjoy the R2D2 robot!      
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Region of Jönköping County invest in additional two VIEWMED systems

We congratulate the Region of Jönköping County for the purchase and installation of two additional VIEWMED systems.  This means that a total of 15 systems are now used in the region to link different medical occupations and competences closer together. VIEWMED enables real-time collaboration with audio and video in medical surgerys/ surveys and increases the quality […]
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VIEWMED used when showcasing new unique labaroscopic surgery technique

VIEWMED was used when showcasing new unique labaroscopic surgerytechnique in Enköping. VIEWMED is installed on the unit used to perform the labaroscopic surgery and was used during medical intervention to display the video of the labaroscopic surgery. By connecting to VIEWMED’s web-based user interface and authenticating, other doctors could participate and view the labaroscopic video in real-time. Link to […]
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GATEKEEPER from VIXIMED provides safer and more reliable use of medical software in healthcare

VIXIMED GATEKEEPER ™ provides the ability to control user access to medical software through strong authentication through SITHS cards. VIXIMED GATEKEEPER ™ logs and also track users of the medical software. Safety and traceability are today important and demanded by companies and caregivers increasingly. With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will begin […]
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