• Viximeds business concept is to offer innovative
    IT systems for health care providers that simplifies and
    streamlines the work with medical images and sound,
    radiation dose data and patient contacts.
  • Viximeds mission is to give healthcare providers the
    conditions to deliver an innovative treatment that ultimately
    enhances people’s health and quality of life.
  • Viximeds values are based on innovation,
    reliability, integrity and honesty.

Monthly Archives: April 2016

VIXIMED medical media archives MEDXPLORER™ simplifies work and increases safety and quality in health care

VIXIMED gives the hospital the ability to manage and document medical video 24/7, 365 days a year with no interaction to MEDXPLORER™. The hospital will not have the handling of DVD / CD discs and solve simultaneously the connection to a physical location to take advantage of the stored medium.  MEDXPLORER™ is completely web-based and […]
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VIXIMED successful in 2015

Key accomplishments under 2015 on our way to future success; *Several hospitals have invested in VIXIMED communication system VIEWMED. *Hospitals have decided to invest in VIXIMEDs solution for radiation dose monitoring, DOSESTAT®. *During the year VIXIMED also offered the expertise and medical IT systems for health care providers in the veterinary sector, but also to […]
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